We are now using an ELECTRONIC FORMfor the following:  Undergraduate Graduation Application Prior Approval for Transfer Credit Change/Add of a Major/MinorGraduate Graduation Application 509 Internship Application The Electronic Forms may be accessed in your student center via the eForms link.Instructions can be found on the MyHusky tutorial page: http://www.bloomu.edu/myhusky/tutorials The Transfer Equivalency tool can be found: http://adminapps.bloomu.edu/CourseEquivalency/ce Refer to Policy PRP 3604 when transferring credit.  Students are responsible for following all guidelines and procedures for departmental requirements related to the changing, adding and dropping of majors and minors.                 

Winter 2020 Commencement

Winter 2020 Commencement: It is the responsibility of the graduating student to complete the application for graduation. If a student has a question or concern about eligibility they should contact the department/program coordinator as soon as possible. Sept. 1 is the deadline for student submission for Fall /Winter 2020. Department approval is necessary in order to be eligible to participate in commencement, have a name printed in the program, and for the degree to be granted.Information on how to apply to graduate can found here: Undergraduate Graduation Application  Graduate Graduation Application

IMPORTANT Enrollment Dates - Fall 2020

Enrollment Dates: https://intranet.bloomu.edu/enrollment-datesIf you intend to withdraw from Bloomsburg University for the Fall 2020 semester, please contact the Office of the Registrar to complete a withdrawal form. If you are no longer on campus, and wish to withdrawal, please send an email from your password secured huskies email account to buregistrar@bloomu.edu, stating your intent to withdraw, as well as a brief reason for your withdrawal.  If you are transferring to another institution, please provide the name of school, and the reason you have chosen to transfer.If you are transferring to another institution and need to request a transcript, please access your MyHusky Student Center and choose from the other academic drop down menu, Transcript: Request Official.Fall 2020 Session 1Session 2Session 38/17 – 11/248/17 – 10/610/7 – 11/24All classes begin at 8 a.m.Monday, August 17Monday, August 17Wednesday, October 7Add/Drop BeginsMonday, August 17Monday, August 17Wednesday, October 7Add/Drop EndsMonday, August 24Thursday, August 20Saturday, October 10Last day to submit pass-fail optionMonday, August 24Thursday, August 20Monday, October 12MidtermTuesday, October 6Thursday, September 10Friday, October 30Last day to revoke pass-failTuesday, October 27Thursday, October 1Friday, November 20Last day for students to request a change to final exam scheduleFriday, November 13Friday, September 25Friday, November 13Last day to withdraw from a single class in MyHuskyFriday, November 20Friday, October 2Friday, November 20Last day to withdraw from the session and receive all W’sFriday, November 20Friday, October 2Friday, November 20Classes endFriday, November 20Friday, October 2Friday, November 20Finals BeginMonday, November 23Monday, October 5Monday, November 23Finals EndTuesday, November 24Tuesday, October 6Tuesday, November 24Session endsTuesday, November 24Tuesday, October 6Tuesday, November 24Degree Conferral DateTuesday, November 24Tuesday, November 24Tuesday, November 24Grades are due from faculty by NOONMonday, November 30Friday, October 9Monday, November 30Grades available on MyHuskyWednesday, December 2Tuesday, October 13Wednesday, December 2Official Transcripts AvailableWednesday, December 2Tuesday, October 13Wednesday, December 2

Winter 2020 - Spring 2021 Scheduling Information

Winter SchedulingOpen enrollment for Winter 2020 begins for undergraduate students October 26, 2020Graduate SchedulingOpen enrollment for Winter 2020 and Spring 2021 begins for graduate students October 26, 2020Undergraduate Scheduling SPRING 2021PRIORITY SCHEDULING - Act 101 - Athletes, Honors, Students with Disabilities Center - Trio - Veterans - BOG may schedule beginning October 26 6:00 am through October 27 12:00 midnight. After this period scheduling adjustments will be made during the assigned enrollment appointment time based upon EARNED credits. REGULAR SCHEDULING - Begins October 28 6:00 am and is based upon EARNED credits. The scheduling timetable can be found via this link:Scheduling Information

Registrar News